The Illusionist – Back to Basics

I don’t know about everyone else but as much as I am in awe of the advances in animation technology, I am nevertheless very excited about The Illusionist – a return to ‘old fashioned’ hand drawn (*gasp*!!) animation. The subject matter (Edinburgh, the dying days of the music hall, an illusionsit who specialises in rabbits and hats) is right up my street, hurrah!!

It’s received glowing reviews: “a small, shining gem: a perfectly beautiful and heart-breaking film” (Tim Robey for The Telegraph) and “utterly distinctive and beguiling, with its own language and grammar of innocence: gentle, affectionate, whimsical, but deeply felt and with an arrowhead of emotional pain.” (Peter Bradshaw for The Guardian).

If you need a gentle and undemanding start to your week then this sounds like just the ticket!


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